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I am a planner or at least I used to be. I now laugh at my 18 year-old self, who wrote in her notebook for 12th grade English, that she would be married and have at least one child by the age of 28. I can say with confidence that neither of those things are on my to-do list or my 5 year-plan for that matter. My current plan was to graduate from college. Then I would move to Virginia where I would pursue my Master’s degree at George Mason University, but like most things in life, things never quite go according to plan.

Things were going smoothly and then I hit a bump in the road. I failed two of my psychology courses last quarter which leaves me 10 credits short of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. I cried. I was furious, ashamed, and embarrassed of myself. I felt like a failure. My brothers reassured me that I was going to get through this just like I got through everything else. “Hey, it’s just a bump in the road.”

My current plan is to finish my Bachelor’s degree through online courses so that I can start my graduate program at George Mason in the spring. I’ll be frank when I say that this was not what I wanted for myself. I have done my crying and the whole feeling sorry for myself. I have moved past embarrassment and no longer have feel any reasons to be ashamed. I am not perfect, I am human, but most of all I am strong.

Alexis Renae Griggs


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