Initially, I had planned to take a “cute” photo with my beautiful purple shirt for #HappyBirthdayJojo, but things rarely ever go according to plan. Today was tough for me and I wasn’t expecting it to be which made it even tougher. I have built up a bad habit of holding myself back which is why it often feels like I am at war with myself. Today, however, I just let myself be. I left work early. I cried so much that I stained my shirt with my tears. I went back to bed and I felt sorry for myself. For 7 years, people have asked me how I manage to stay so positive after my mother died. The truth is, I don’t. I have days like today that are awful and terrible and I’m sure I’ll have many more to come. As I grow older, I am learning how it important it is for me and my mental health to allow myself to feel however I am going to feel. Whether it’s happy, sad, angry, weird, or whatever. Thank you to everyone who wore purple today in honor of my Mama. A special thank you to my brother Aarron for making me laugh when all I wanted to today was cry.



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