Alexis Renae Griggs was born and raised in California in a city you’ve probably never heard of before and wouldn’t be able to find on a map. Alexis lived in the state of Washington in another place that you’ve probably never heard of and wouldn’t be able to find on a map. She lived there for three years while finishing her undergraduate degree. In 2016, she graduated from Eastern Washington University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies with a minor in Psychology.

Alexis currently resides in California.

She is a bisexual, biracial, feminist, outfit repeater, and brie cheese enthusiast. She has watched all nine seasons of The Office on Netflix more times than she cares to admit and still tears up every single time she watches the series finale. Her style has been described as “kindergarten teacher looking ass” and “grandpa chic.” Alexis is a 25-year-old work in progress just trying to figure her shit out.

This blog was created as an outlet to express herself through style, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and whatever other nonsense she feels like sharing with the rest of the world.