Happy Masking with FaceTory

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I am a big believer in self-love and self-care. One of my favorite ways to self-care is to run myself a bubble bath, light a candle, pour myself a cup of tea or wine, and put on a face mask or more recently sheet masks. So when I discovered FaceTory on Instagram, I was so excited. There are so many subscription services out there that I was excited to find one that was specifically created for skincare.

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Top 5 Highlighters

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to highlighters. Today I am sharing my top five favorite highlighters with you. Read More

No Matter How Tired or Hungover You Are, Do Your Skincare Routine

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When I was 13, you could not get me to wash my face. It was an everyday struggle for me and I could not be bothered. Now, at 25, I love doing my skincare routine. It is the one constant in my life no matter how tired, hungover (sometimes both) I may be. Through trial and error, I have finally found a skincare routine and products that work for me and my oily skin. Below I have listed in what order I do my skincare routine and the various products that I have used both past and present that have worked well for both me and my skin.

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Saying Goodbye to My Straightener

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It was not until recently that I began not only embracing the dark, thick, curly hair that I was born with, but appreciating it and loving it for what it is. But through all the straighteners, curling irons, blow drying, bleach, and hair dye, I had never fully committed to wearing my hair naturally until now. I am going three weeks strong right now. It has definitely been a lifestyle change for me, but I am so excited to watch my curls come back to life after so many years of damaging them. I will be documenting this journey over on my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe. Goodbye straightener and good riddance.

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3 Steps to Brighten Your Under Eyes feat. BECCA Cosmetics

3 Ways to Brighten Your Eyes

I used to think that my under eye circles were “not that bad” until one of my brothers had asked me if I got punched in the face. Yikes! This was around the time I started getting more serious about taking care of my skin which includes my under eyes. My under eyes were so bad that no amount of concealer could help.

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